Yanzhi Chen

I am a PhD student at Cambridge MLG supervised by Dr. Adrian Weller. My PhD is fully funded by Cambridge Trust. Previously, I graduated from the MSc AI programme of The University of Edinburgh , and my BEng in Computer Science was done in South China University of Technology . Prior to my MSc, I worked for Alibaba Group the largest internet corporation in China on large-scale distributed system. I also work closely with Dr. Yingzhen Li and Dr. Michael Gutmann .

E-mail: rhythm.cyz [AT] gmail.com
Skype: live:245672102
Github: cyz-ai
Transcript: msc ielts

Research interests

  • Deep probabilistic models e.g deep generative models, neural density estimators, Bayesian neural networks
  • Approximate inference e.g variational inference, likelihood-free inference, MCMC